Delta Voices

Re-elect Rhiannon for Delta School District Trustee

Rhiannon is Musqueam and was raised in Ladner by her parents and grandparents with a large extended family, attending and actively participating in her local public schools. Having learned early the value of community service, she has continued to work and volunteer with children, youth and families for over two decades. The overarching themes of her professional career have been decolonization and reconciliation, working full time with Indigenous youth and families until the birth of her daughter in 2016.

She remains active in her community, volunteering her time with a variety of recreational, cultural, and community organizations in Delta and beyond. She passionately works to create a more equitable world for all people. She is well-known for asking tough questions in a manner that encourages engagement and dialogue, and has extensive experience handling sensitive issues with staff and families to ensure fairness and follow through.

Rhiannon made history in 2014 as the first Indigenous woman elected to the Delta Board of Education. After over a decade of strained relationships in education in BC, Rhiannon has been working on creating a safe and supportive environment where staff and students feel valued. In her first term, she has delivered on her promise to focus on repairing and building stronger relationships. She has met with education partners to discuss funding formula review, employs her skills as a former shop steward during staffing isuess, and works diligently to ensure the BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA) remains a dedicated supporter and advocate of public education. Additionally, she was appointed to the BCSTA’s Indigenous Education Committee, and has been an active member of Delta’s Equity Scan Committee. In 2017, Delta was one of six districts selected to pilot an Equity Scan – a resource for the district to explore and address inequity in the treatment of Indigenous students.

And there is still more to be done. Looking ahead, Rhiannon is eager to see the Equity Scan through to completion and implementation. She will continue to cultivate respectful relationships with partners and pursue excellence and equity in education to ensure every Delta student and education partner has a voice.


Elect Andrea Hilder for Delta School District Trustee

Andrea Hilder is a mother, education professional, small business owner, and community volunteer with deep roots in Delta. Her father is from North Delta, and Andrea grew up in Tsawwassen, where she is now raising her son.

She has worked with children and families for almost 20 years, and is currently an Education Assistant on-call in Delta and permanent part-time in Richmond. Working in classrooms, Andrea has first hand knowledge of what our schools are doing right. She also has a frontline view of what Delta needs to cultivate to better to support our students and staff.

Andrea is also pursuing her Instructor Diploma at Vancouver Community College, with hopes of teaching in an EA Program, and facilitating Professional Development workshops on Reconciliation with First People.

Andrea looks forward to drawing on her experience and working with parents and educators to ensure Delta’s children thrive in school and become the next generation of workplace innovators and community leaders.


Elect Mita Naidu for Delta School District Trustee

After an early career in academia, and more recently at Ballet BC, Mita Naidu is now the Director of Development and Communications at WISH Drop-In Centre in the Downtown Eastside.

Her passions have always been deeply entangled in the arts, sports, notions of voice, diversity, marginalized communities and anti-oppression work.

Trained in bharatnatyam and ballet, she performed at the Winter Olympics in 2010.

Now focused on advocacy, educational leadership and community engagement – she also sits on several prominent boards including the Vancouver International Jazz Festival Board, The Vancouver International Children’s Festival and has recently left the the city-appointed Advisory Board on cultural communities (CCAC)- after 6 years.

Previous Board experiences include: the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society; The Indian Summer Festival and the Diwali Celebration Society.

Published in academic journals, as well as major mainstream media publications- her voice and perspectives are sought after by those looking for insight into Canadian social issues.

Mita is the recipient of two BC Arts Council grants, and was named one of "12 Remarkable Women in the Arts" by the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Parks Board in 2012.

She was born in Kolkata, India, but grew up in Canada, keeping her Bengali roots alive through the arts.

A single mother of two remarkable and revolutionary children, she also cares for her parents. The entire family resides in North Delta.

Her education includes a BA, an MA and an MHA (from UBC).